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Greetings neighbors! This information is for individuals directly in the path of the pipeline. We have come together to oppose this new route through our fields, forests, and wetlands. By working together and sharing our information and skills, we will be more effective advocates for our own piece of property.

Below are some resources we have gathered that may help. We also suggest you sign up for emails at so that we can keep  you posted about the process and steps you can take along the way to protect your land.

Pipeline approval process flow chart in Minnesota’s Public Utilities Commission

Easement fact sheet from Department of Commerce: DOC Easements Fact Sheet, 6.3.11 (2)

rescind letter

It is illegal for Enbridge to enter your property without your permission until the project has received approval in the legal process. This process is just beginning, so do not allow yourself to be intimidated by their attorneys. If you have previously given permission for them to survey and wish to revoke that permission you may do so with the “rescind letter” above. If you do not take back your permission, Enbridge retains the right to come on your land without prior notification.

If your request is not honored and the pipeline company returns to gain access to the property, the local sheriff may be contacted and trespassing laws enforced. You may also contact the MN Public Utilities Commission to report their misconduct to Public Advisor Tracy Smetana at or 1-800-657-3782.

Once a pipeline crosses a piece of land, a precedent has been set and more pipelines will follow. Waiting to oppose this route until condemnation proceedings begin on your land has very little chance of success. The best way to protect your land is to join others to push for re-routing the pipeline during the legal process at the Public Utilities Commission. This has been successful in the past and it can be done again. There are many people outside our area who care about the farms, forestland, and communities of Carlton County. They are willing to write letters and help us advocate for our rights, but we have to take the first step.

If you have questions, please call us at 1-888-382-7940 or email us at

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