Calls needed on pipeline safety bill!

Enbridge Energy recently flew in 4 lobbyists to strip the Minnesota Senate bill of common-sense provisions on pipeline safety and emergency response. They want local communities to foot the bill for responding to their disasters. Pipeline companies should not be exempt from crude oil transport regulations. Call Senate conferees and let them know that they should support the language of the House bill. Here a few important points:

                  Set minimum standards for response time to reports of a spill.

                  Require coordination between rail, pipeline, and public emergency response teams

                  Provide training for local response teams

Pipeline “incidents” tend to be larger and are more damaging to the environment than rail accidents. Both pipelines and rail lines need to have appropriate response plans in place. In 2002 Enbridge lit 6,000 barrels of crude oil on fire to prevent it from reaching the Mississippi River. Their massive Kalamazoo river spill from 2010 is still not cleaned up. The city of Wrenshall has 2.3 million barrels of Enbridge oil flowing through town every day, yet they had to fight to get reimbursement for a $250 online spill response course. The public deserves better, and the house language is a step in the right direction.

Click the links below for contact info for each member, and thank you!

Bill(s): HF3172/SF2785
Description: Omnibus supplemental appropriations bill.
Conferees and Date of Appointment
House: 4/9/2014
Carlson; Huntley; Mahoney; Marquart; Wagenius;
Senate: 4/10/2014
Cohen; Tomassoni; Lourey; Wiger; Bonoff;


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