Carlton County Public Information Meeting PACKED!

The parking lot was full when I arrived.  We missed the PUC talk but heard it was about the same as Tracy gave at the Forum in November.  We also missed the Enbridge talk.  Oh well.  We were there for most of the THIRTY-FOUR speakers!  Foresters and farmers, teachers and students, white folks and Native Americans all stood together to speak out against a new pipeline corridor in Carlton County.  The one dissenting speech addressed not the route, but the speaker’s positive personal experience with the pipeline company.  More than one reference was made to the confusion about the name-change from Enbridge to North Dakota Pipeline Company.

We won’t know how effective our speeches and comments were for several weeks or even months, but it sure felt good to express ourselves to the Public Utilities Commission.  There’s still time for you to send in comments and no limit to the number you can send in.  The deadline of April 4 is just around the corner, though, so look in the previous post for instructions.

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