The Andersons

Another Carlton County Land Steward Story

Goat and Chicken

20 years ago we began looking for land that we could live out our dream of living off the land and being self sufficient.    We wanted land with good soil to grow our own food and open field to support our menagerie of animals.  We wanted a place to build a home that had southern exposure for passive solar and woods to support our own energy needs.  After several years of searching, we found 40 acres in rural Carlton County which fulfilled these dreams. For the past fifteen years we have tended to, worked on, played on, and thoroughly enjoyed this special piece of land we call home.

Two young girls

We have two daughters.   We wanted our children to grow up in an environment appreciating all of God’s creation.  We wanted them to understand that their roots come from the earth and that all of creation is to be valued and cared for from the littlest creatures in the soil that supply the nutrients for the plants we eat, to the nourishment our animals receive from grazing and drinking from our waterways.  The enjoyment we receive from the wild turkeys calling in the mornings to the light of fireflies at night are immeasurable.  These environments are relatively undisturbed by human impact because we have carefully tended it through the years.  Though our children are off on their own journeys away from the farm now, they say they miss the sound of bleating goats or being able to walk out the door to pick a fresh raspberry.  We know our land will always be a part of them. That land however, is now in jeopardy.  The woods we use for heating, the soil we have carefully built up through the years, the pasture we use for grazing for our animals may no longer be there, ironically  because the of the right of eminent domain that a private oil pipeline company has over private landowners.

Abby and goat

For these reasons, and for all our future generations, we are working with the Carlton County Land Stewards to stop the construction of the Enbridge Sandpiper Pipeline.

Please join us in the fight!

Mary and Tim Anderson

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