Kristie and Matthew

I was asked to write an article on the impact the pipeline would have on our property. Iʼve been putting it off since I just don’t know where to start. The Pipeline would run next to a natural gas line that I think has been here since the 60ʼs. They have had an easement here since 1956. I am nervous about heavy equipment being everywhere near the gas line. However, I am more concerned about all the trees we would lose and never get back. We have tried to keep our “hardwoods” intact as much as possible. We have tapped our maple trees for syrup and only use those that are dying for fire wood.

This land is our sanctuary.  We play here, hunt here, have camp fires, ride our trails and take long walks. This is where we go to de-stress from the demands of the work day. We have plans for a cabin which now may not happen because it would be too close to the line. We have streams that start here and run into Clear Creek which eventually runs to Lake Superior. Trout stream or not, I have seen minnows in there in the spring. We are located in the Lake Superior Watershed Area and have already done work on the property for erosion control through the Soil and Water Conservation Program.

This stream is undisturbed, but this picture would drastically change with a pipeline running through it. Kristie&Matt (1)

You can see Matt next to a mature Maple tree that may no longer be there to show off its bright fall colors.  How many of these beautiful Maples and Oaks will we lose?  That depends on which side of the gas line the oil line would go.

Kristie&Matt (2)

This is a section of forest that may no longer exist if Enbridge gets its way. This existing gas line clearing would become 120ʼ wider.

Kristie&Matt (3)

When I took my walk to take these photos I had tears in my eyes as my husband showed me where 120ʼ feet would end up and how much we would truly lose finally hit me. If we let Enbridge have this Southern route through this much undisturbed land we are opening up ourselves for many more pipelines through our land and before long Carlton County will be nothing but underground pipelines. Thank you for supporting us in our fight against the Southern route.

Kristie and Matthew Laveau

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