Spectrum Farm

The Sandpiper Pipeline is poised to cut a 120 foot swath out of the middle of our sugarbush.  For the past 12 years we have heeded the call to gather sap and make syrup from the forest we steward.   We are careful to give each tree a rest when it needs one, and to tap only as many trees as we can process the sap from that year.  We carry the sap out of the woods using sleds and draft ponies.  We feed the boiling fire with scrap lumber and deadfall.  The pipeline will destroy many of our carefully cared for maple trees.  It takes 45 years for a seed to become a maple tree that is large enough to tap.

Read on for our Springtime Story:

In the Spring we carry our gear – drill, taps, hammer, and jugs – and set off for the woods.


First we drill a hole,


clean it out with a twig,


carefully tap in the tap,


and hang up the jug.


We bring the sap back from the woods.


Then we feed the fire and boil, and boil, and boil.


It takes all day to gather sap, and boil, and cut wood, and boil, sometimes into the dark of night.


When it’s finished it goes into jars to pour over wonderful treats.


We hope you enjoyed your tour of our maple syrup operation.


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