Caroline’s Family


Byron and I grew up on dairy farms here in Wrenshall.  We have been married for 30 years.  We have 3 wonderful sons and 5 beautiful grandkids.  We have always wanted our own farm and that happened the summer of 2012.  Our oldest son Adam, an Iraqi War Veteran, came home from Iraq, finished his 6 years in the Army, and because a dairy farmer.  Farming runs in our blood, I guess.  Well, he needed hay for his cattle and was renting a local farmer’s barn but not the land.  So one day an old farmer came by and I asked him if Adam could rent his hayfields and he said, “Yes, I’m getting too old to make all that hay and I don’t need it all any way.”  So a week later he and his wife came back and said to us, “Instead of renting my hayfields, how about if we just swap places?”  A month later they were living at our place in town and we were living on their farm.  We have been here for 18 months now and are in the process of getting it ready for Adam and his family to milk their cows here.  Two of our sons and their families live on the farm with us.  This farm and the land is important to the livelihood of our family.  It is literally our “Bread and Butter.”  We would hate to see that put in jeopardy by a pipeline.  Also, Mud Creek, a trout stream, begins on our property.


Finally, farming and a healthy rural life has always been important to this area.  So I leave our story with these words of wisdom from Sirach 7:15, “Hate not laborious tasks, nor farming, which was ordained by the Most High.”


Submitted by Caroline Johnson

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