Democracy in Action Forum

SONY DSCLast Thursday Carlton County Lands Stewards spoke at forums at the University of Minnesota, Duluth and the College of St. Scholastica.   Stewards Rita Vavrosky and Janaki Fisher-Merritt joined Randel Hanson, Atina Diffley, Tracy Smetana, and Becky Lourey to educate people about the Sandpiper route and why it is incompatible with farming in Carlton County.  Each speaker addressed a part of the issue.

Professor Hanson talked about the evolution of farming in the area and the local food movement.

SONY DSCHaving moved an oil pipeline route off of her organic farm, Ms. Diffley had a rallying call to those who attended. 

The PUC Advisor, Tracy Smetana, talked about the process of need and route approval.  Former State Representative and Senator Lourey spoke on how our system of democracy allows for public influence in issues like the Sandpiper pipeline. 

Both Stewards addressed the importance of the land, theirs and that of people all along the route.



After each forum there was a chance for everyone to voice their opinions by writing a comment to be considered by the PUC.





SONY DSCThanks to all the fabulous volunteers who kept everything running smoothly, the equally fabulous speakers who got the crowd focused on the issues, the colleges for letting us use their space, all of our sponsors, and all who attended!    


Next Event:  Letter Writing Workshop at Whole Foods Coop.  December 11, 4 – 8 p.m.

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