A word on process

Enbridge Energy has now filed a certificate of need and a routing permit for the Sandpiper Pipeline with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (the PUC). The PUC regulates utility service industries in Minnesota’s economy such as electricity, natural gas, telephone, and oil pipelines. The body consists of 5 commissioners appointed by the governor with a full time staff of 50.

The PUC seeks and appreciates public input on their decisions so it is up to us to share concerns we might have with the new Sandpiper oil pipeline. The factors in the PUC’s decision on need and route include:

  • human settlement
  • Natural environment – air, water, plants, animals, recreation
  • Archaeological and historical resources
  • Economy – agriculture, forestry, tourism, mining
  • Pipeline costs and accessibility
  • use of existing rights-of-way
  • cumulative effects of future pipeline construction
  • compliance with local,, state, federal regulations
  • future adequacy, reliability and efficiency of energy supply – Minnesota and neighboring states
  • if there is evidence of a more reasonable and prudent alternative

Right now the application is being reviewed by the PUC to determine if it is complete. Once the PUC determines this a timeline for public comment is arranged. This timeline will be very important as letters and feedback is only accepted during this window. To register to receive updates from the PUC on this process follow the steps below:

  • go to the PUC website: http://www.puc.state.mn.us
  • Select search eDockets
  • Enter the year and the Docket Number
  • 13 is the year and 473 is the number for Certificate of Need
  • 13 is the year and 474 is the number for Route Permit
  • Select Search
  • The list of documents will appear on the next page
  • hit the ‘subscribe’ button if you would like to be added to the email list for this docket number

If you have questions, please let us know – 1-888-382-7940 or email us at carltoncountylandstewardsmail@gmail.com

Pipeline Process

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